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the stuff of fiction

time travel, teleportation
free healthcare for every nation
intercontinental zettabit link
rat submerged in air you can drink
zero latency, faster than light
stardate eternity, fish taught to write
launched in a second, stopped on a dime
arriving at noon, malacandran time
journey to mars, the center of earth
without spacesuits, for whatever it's worth
total comfort, seat reclined
on the way to planet nine
trip to k-pax, walken communion
meteor crater, starman reunion
nemo nobody, cryostasis
ten billionth flight to outer space is
free for all passengers, no cost to ride
surplus of everything, entropy died
people congregate in fair city
centers, living post-scarcity
no owners, no renters, no debt collectors
for there is no debt, no cause for defectors
knowledge transferred, proliferated
global population educated
medical magic, the mind's potential
alzheimers, dementia made nonessential
diseases diverted, death defeated
genome sequenced, spliced, completed, repeated
isaac asimov brought back to life
resurrect anybody, next up, his wife
return of the dodo, all species befriend
extinction never to be seen again
flawless evolution, mammoth clone
forget prosthetics, limbs regrown
lungs rebuilt, heads transplanted
foods pasteurized and never rancid
nutrition, diet, puzzles solved
protein shake contains dissolved
vitamins, minerals, sugars, fats
even made my hair grow back
novelty molecules, stable arrangements
made fresh at home as seasoning agents
chemistry conquered, and with it, physics
mathematical constants pay me a visit
np-easy, log-log bound
fifth dimension sights and sounds
algebraic breakfast, quantum dessert
daily discovery, breakthrough first
sinusoidal poetry, the meanings in fields
electromagnetic, temporal, deftly revealed
through fourier transforms, the radio spectrum
fluently spoken by kids in their bedroom
alien lifeforms on the phone
catch up, chit-chat, we're not alone
cybernetic translator, perfectly clear
kisses from terra, wish you were here
peace with the xenomorph, love for the past
everything built with intention to last
shoes with soles that don't grow old
guaranteed one stroll from pole to pole
dwellings made from local clay
built by one in just one day
efficiently heated and passively cooled
with nothing but architectural rules
bottomless gigabytes to store all your stuff
yet feeling content what you have is enough
forcefield, atlantis, undersea dome
heart of the volcano that i call home
source of fire that does not smoke
becomes invisible under this cloak
tea, earl gray, hot from the replicator
jauntily circumnavigate the equator
phasers, sabers, blasters, beams
einstein's ride on a wave of dreams
fountain of youth, refreshingly cool
hal ten thousand saves frank poole
portal gun, gravity cannon
blueprints courtesy of s. r. hadden
everlasting gobstopper, endless canteen
friends hanging out on tatooine
plant matter, biofuel powers the land
thirty three gigajoules from just half a gram
of flower petals, falling, settled
on long-disused mines for heavy metals
forests recovered, trees replanted
obsolete tools dismantled, recanted
replaced with new ones as time passes by
restoring the ozone in the sky
hovercraft, jetpack, rocket shoes, wings
robot assistant brings me my things
processors purring, a gentle buzz
i say computer, imagine, and it does
silicone wafers led to free thinking
water, water everywhere, all safe for drinking
study with socrates, dine with his mother
ted told us be excellent to each other
telepathic mindwaves, toilets with bells
and whistles and three seashells
music broadcast across the galaxy
lovely miss universe of diverse anatomy
now so far this is all quite simplistic
but if you want to hear something futuristic:
how about a taskbar you can rearrange
up down left right unconstrained
audio signal carried on a line
tip ring sleeve, timeless design
such simplicity and ease
let's make smarter things with these
an interface whose color can be changed
styled, freely themed if so deranged
interoperable protocols sans garden walls
compatible messages, encrypted, all
words spoken softly on wires
unsold, unhired by advertisers
online, offline, hardware switch
computed locally without a hitch
a cable functions on my behalf
facilitates the six-inch data path
from point to point or box to box
without dns and thirty hops
options, menus, controls, the works
no microservices, my gigahertz
datamined data, mine, unconfined
open standards, spec defined
it just plugs in, it just connects
i trust it works without defects
and lest it break by my own mistake
or wear with age, from old books we take
a useful page, repair
with parts acquired fair and square
don't be fooled by malediction
none of this is science fiction
all could be ours, i've bated breath
the technology just isn't quite there yet

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