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1998 Saab 900 sun visor clip (§)

    Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Version 1
  3. Version 2
  4. Download

Introduction (§)

This is a replacement sun visor clip for my car. The original broke with the screw pulling part of the material away from the rest. The screw itself was fine and I reused it. The part is printed in PETG.

Version 1 (§)

This version mostly resembles the original part.

This was my very first print in PETG after using all the free PLA that came with my printer. Didn't even do a benchy. I had overextrusions and moist filament. The ugly surface finish is due to sanding.

Version 2 (§)

I was hoping that the PETG would resist the heat, but this summer was just too much for it. When I first made version 1, the snap fit was tighter than the original part, but after a few days it became loose. In fact, on some afternoons the visor would fall out of the clip on its own.

I made a version 2 which is wider and thicker on top, and has the channel at a slight angle so that gravity helps the visor stay in the clip even if the plastic loosens. Thanks, gravity. There are also some ridges which improve the aerodynamics. So far it has not fallen out and the fit is adequately tight.

Download (§)

1998 Saab 900 visor clip v1.FCStd

1998 Saab 900 visor clip v1.stl

1998 Saab 900 visor clip v2.FCStd

1998 Saab 900 visor clip v2.stl

Have fun!

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