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Ross's Game Dungeon quote catalog

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  1. "I'm sorry everyone"
  2. "I'm not sure I've seen something like this before"

"I'm sorry everyone" (§)


Date Game Reason Forgiven?
2014-10-12 Revenant Part 2 Lame ending ✓ Will try better next time
2015-10-17 Construction Bob Lame ending ✓ Bought the game as a service to all of us who want to see what's behind the curtain of hell
2017-09-14 Hinterland Lame pumpkin bombs ✓ Offending pumpkin farmer promptly evicted
2018-07-07 The Crew Cardboard story ✓ You can drive all across the United States
2018-12-24 Apocalyptica / Deer Napped Couldn't find the magic ✓ Later trapped Satan in an asteroid and shot him off into space
2019-11-28 Harry Buster / again Getting songs stuck in our heads tbh I'm not sure if this one was forgivable
2020-12-29 SiN Did not try so hard to get the soundtrack from Zak Belica as to receive a restraining order ✓ It would have set a bad precedent and closed off the possibility of working with Zak to get other music in the future
2021-08-24 The Journeyman Project Did not read a biography on Mohandas Gandhi in preparation for the episode ✓ It probably wouldn't have helped anyway given the ambiguity of ethics towards outsourced mechacolonialism
2021-10-28 Gothos Super lame ending twice in a row Debatable
2023-06-19 The Legend of Kyrandia 2 Petrified forest ✓ Puns for the pun god

Almost verbatim

Date Game Reason Forgiven?
2015-04-01 Wolfenstein Gave up on game ✓ Game was giving no motivation to keep playing
2016-02-19 Darkspore Not giving more notice ✓ Didn't even find out about it until THIS MONTH
2016-07-08 The Chosen - Well of Souls Didn't mean for the episode to turn into a play-by-play of everything that's horrible about level 3 ✓ You have to go with the stuff you remember and by god you remember level 3
2017-03-31 Maabus Lame ending ✓ At least we can share it with you
2019-08-31 TrackMania² Canyon Update makes game worse ✓ Had no idea they were doing it and video was almost over anyway

Honorable mentions

Date Game Reason Forgiven?
2013-10-15 Tyrian Series is not a game-themed S&M show ✓ As of Phantasmagoria 2, yes it is
2014-10-31 The Last Stand People might be sick of zombies ✓ Dealing with flash games so we don't have to
2019-06-30 The Cave World Saga Not calling him Speedy ✓ Liberating the world

"I'm not sure I've seen something like this before" (§)

Date Game What did he see
2014-10-12 Revenant part 1 Singular mandatory fistfight
2014-10-12 Revenant part 2 Excessive miniboss tease
2015-12-22 Still Life part 2 Ending doesn't reveal the killer
2016-02-19 Darkspore No backwards progression
2016-07-08 The Chosen - Well of Souls, again, almost Extreme gameplay difficulty curve; poor game design
2016-08-18 Deus Ex Real life politics and economics in a mainstream game
2016-10-31 Realms of the Haunting, again Magic staff that only has one shot; abrupt and plot-omitting scene transition
2017-03-31 Maabus Game-quit lottery
2017-07-14 Armed & Delirious part 2 Randomized 512-option no-hints puzzle
2018-08-16 Requital, again, again Healing potions that don't heal you; starting the game on Easy gives you free levels; other game design problems
2018-12-24 Apocalyptica / Deer Napped, again Menu screen with blurred navigation items; snowmen shooting invisible projectiles with no accompanying animation
2019-08-31 TrackMania² Canyon Irreversible update makes game objectively worse
2019-11-28 Harry Buster Main menu singalong
2020-04-06 Black Future '88 Soul of the Commodore
2020-10-27 Clans, almost, but it's rare Big furry eye things with pincers that explode when you hit them; clicking too rapidly on the boss skips the game ending
2020-10-30 Hellgate London (almost, but it's rare) Storyline with intended gameplay order, but not telling the player which path to take first
2020-12-23 Aida's Strange Christmas (almost, but it's deep in the subconscious) Unmasked warlocks are weird spindly elephant people
2021-10-31 Martian Gothic Skipping the dialogue gives you a gameplay advantage
2021-12-24 The Division "Dual-monitor" graphical setting that slightly offsets the game UI for a central screen bezel, yet no ordinary FOV slider
2022-06-17 Mage Night Apocalypse, again, again Levelling up without clicking anything; winged, amorphous, armored blob thing; airship takes off and crash lands with no airtime in the middle
2022-10-30 Killing Time Game provides in-universe reasoning for the weapons and ammunition found scattered throughout game world
2023-06-19 The Legend of Kyrandia 2 Enforced puns

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