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  1. David Taylor / prooffreader
    1. Final thoughts

David Taylor / prooffreader (¶)

From Ethan to David

Hi David,

A long time ago I discovered your film commentary for Birdman and I thought it was excellent, so I downloaded it. Just a moment ago, I wanted to find the Youtube link again, and saw that it was deleted :(

On your website you said someone messed up your channel and you reuploaded what you could, but I notice Birdman is still missing. Did you lose your local copy of that? Would you like me to send you the copy that I downloaded?



From David to Ethan

Wow, that's so kind of you! Yeah, I think someone shoulder surfed me after I asked them to stop smoking on the bus, they deleted all my google-related material. I could get it all back except YouTube.

If you have a copy of that and could get it to me it would be so awesome! First of all it's very flattering you watched/listened to and liked it enough to keep, I love that movie (I live in New York now, I didn't then, and have made pilgrimages to all the filming locations) and it broke my heart it disappeared.

Thanks so much,


From Ethan to David

That's terrible, I'm sorry to hear that. This is why I download the stuff that I like, you never know what'll happen!

At the time that I watched it, I didn't realize you were also a Python programmer and artist too. I've been doing Python for about 6 years myself. It's always cool to see other people who have both programming & film hobbies.

If you have any other commentary ideas on the backburner, I would really encourage you to make them! I wish I had enough to say about any particular movie to do one of these myself.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


From David to Ethan

Thanks so much for that! I've started a [spoiler alert!] commentary like three times, now that I'm in social distancing maybe I'll work on it!

Final thoughts (¶)

You can view David's website and channel.

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