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Blacked out lens markings

My camera lenses have white lettering printed and etched into the front describing their properties. I decided to paint over it.


  1. I like stuff that is debadged or debranded and I think it will look cool.

  2. I think / assume that the white lettering is distracting and catches attention, which is bad for candids.

  3. I don't need my lens to remind me what it is. I'm the one who bought it.

  4. I don't need my lens to tell everyone else what it is. If they care, they'll ask. If they don't, I'll spare them the advertisement.

  5. I have no intention of ever selling them.

I used some matte black enamel paint and a 2mm round brush. I got the best results by picking up very light amounts of paint and dabbing it on. Any attempt to stroke the brush or speed up the process resulted in a horrible texture. I did a few coats on each lens. If you are a chemist accustomed to handling individual molecules of substance at a time, you might have more patience for this. It doesn't look factory-perfect, but I am satisfied with the look and texture I got in the end.

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